16th Annual Golf Tournament

Monkey Business Cafe would like to congratulate Stephan Buckley for winning our drawing for free catering for a party of 12!

We at Hart Community Homes would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all of the sponsors, donors and volunteers that helped make our 16th Annual Golf Tournament a huge success. With contributions from nice folks like you, we were able to raise $23,000 this year! As many of you may already know, these funds will provide aid in the expansion of our test kitchen at Monkey Business Cafe. With its development we will be able to provide further culinary education to at-risk and foster youth. It will include individual workstations where students can practice meal preparation alongside our culinary instructors. They will learn safety procedures, food handling, kitchen etiquette, as well as educate their palate.

The test kitchen will also be paramount in the success of our CSUF Arboretum Farm-To-Plate Program. Here we will be able process, prepare and store the growing supply of organic produce that we grow on our plot at the Fullerton Arboretum. This produce will then be directly incorporated into the meals right here in the cafe.

We're proud to say that both of these programs have been underway and have proven to be a great success. Though our current supplies and resources may be limited, our desire to expand and help more youth has not. As a show of thanks, we have placed a tee sign with your company logo on our wall in the cafe. We want to thank you once more for helping us on our journey towards empowering the at-risk youth of the community.

Hart Community Homes & Monkey Business Cafe