Farm Supervisors

Ian Layman - HCH Alumni
Andre Hodges

Partners and Collaborations

Fullerton Arboretum and U ACRE at Cal State Fullerton where we have a ˝ acre of farm land at the Fullerton Arboretum where we plant and harvest produce for our café and product line. We are creating an Urban Agriculture certificate with Cal State Fullerton’s EOPS program for Urban Agriculture. We are also connecting our youth with interns from Cal State Fullerton to bridge the gap with mentoring and post secondary education while focusing on research on sustainability practices and nutrition. This collaboration also support this program enabling youth to process harvests from the farm and make into menu items and use in our catering dishes. Our program is expanding and using the food lab at Cal State Fullerton where we are doing nutrition analysis of the food we are serving. We are always creating new menu items and products with our youth such as making cucumbers into pickles. Our labels for our product line are created by an alumni from HCH as well as our t-shirts and hats.

Orange County Conservation Core we employ their youth at the farm and in the café.

YOW Youth Offender Wrap Around Program we employ their youth at the farm and the café